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Chadia Haddad is an interdisciplinary Designer based in Berlin.

Victoria Tacos

Victoria Tacos, Berlin

SN Table

Modular desks 


Cup Collection

Aktive Pause

The toolbox Aktive Pause triggers the user to take short breaks to dedicate himself to the objects.

A play of training and recovery moments can be found in these objects, creating an analogue break from screen work.

Regal N°1

Customized shelfsystem


The stacked cushions are a reference to the mattress beds of traditional Syrian livingrooms, which are transformed to accommodate a variety of everyday situations.


Martina offers the possibility to spontaneously create new seating situations and at the same time radiate the Arabic sense of cosiness and hospitality.


Samira is a stool with an embedded mattress.

It invites you to sit, lean against it or lie down.

The special shape comes from the typical lying positions of the Bedouins.

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